High Temperature, Heat Resistant & Chemical Resistant PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric
PTFE Coated
Fiberglass Fabric
This high temperature, heat resistant and chemical resistant fabric offers the advantage of a non-asbestos material with a higher temperature range and with excellent resistance to almost all solvents, caustics and acids.

The base fiberglass fabric is rated to 1000°F / 537°C, while the PTFE coating melting point is 620°F / 327°C.

The base fiber is manufactured to the specifications of ASTM D-578, ASTM committee D13, and subcommittee D13.18.

Available in 5 weights / thicknesses, in roll widths of 40" and 60", and in roll lengths of up to 50 yards.

The PTFE is applied to the fabric by dipping the fabric through an immersion tank of liquid PTFE dispersion.  The fabric is then air dried as it leaves the dip tank.  The result is a PTFE coating on the fabric which is soft, robust and flexible; however, it can be abrasively removed from the fabric with aggressive fingernail scraping, resulting in a thinner and thinner layer of ptfe remaining with each pass.

The coating follows the contours of the fabric, and the weave of the fabric remains prominent, however, the PTFE causes the yarns to be sealed and the small gaps between the yarns filled, resulting in an almost totally air-tight / liquid-tight fabric.
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High Temperature Heat Chemical Resistant PTFE coated Fiberglass Fabric
Available .060 inch through .125 inch thickness